Gareth Bate

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Plastic Paintings:

Self-Portraits Installation

Artist Statement
Gareth Bate
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This piece came about during a time when I couldn't think of what to do next. So I just started painting self-portraits on pieces of torn up plastic tarp. Over several weeks they started to accumulate into a full wall work. Later I took them outside and photographed them hanging in trees and stuck in the snow in Toronto's High Park. For me it is about trying to find a relationship with nature while living in the city. This piece was created while using the 401 Richmond Career-Launcher Prize.


Medium: Acrylic & ink on plastic tarp
Location: High Park, Toronto
Date: Feb. 2008

Location: 401 Richmond St. West. Toronto
Date: 401 Richmond: Oct. 2007

Exhibitions: World of Threads Festival, Threads That Bind Exhibition,
The Gallery, Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning.

Photography: Gareth Bate
Status: Prints Available